Art, Art, Mosaics

Getting a little dirty

There is a beauty to mess when it is mixed in with color, time, love and a platform to showcase it on.

The process: I love to mosaic. I don’t do it as often as I should. I spend more time thinking about what I could do with it then actually applying my ideas. In fact, earlier in the year of 2019 I asked my brother if I could mosaic one of his first cement planter creations. It is a very basic planter with a few uneven areas, but I knew in my mind I could work with it. I took the prototype, sized up the area I would have to work with, drew ideas on it with a pencil and then gathered mosaic stones, broken jewelry and my mosaic supplies to see what I could come up with. It took me until December 2019 to finally glue the first pieces on to the planter. Of course, nothing worked out as planned and what I ended up with in the end was completely different from what I originally imagined. I looked at it for weeks trying to fix the errors. Then I remembered it isn’t about the end result, but about the process that got me to the end. Right Dr. R? What did I learn about the art, about myself?

I had to let the piece of work go and move on to the next piece.


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