Art, Mosaics

Project Jewelry Day 1

On occasion family or friends will give me their unwanted or broken jewelry, tile, plates and so on for my mosaic art. Today, my favorite walking partner, who I haven't seen in weeks (thanks to Stay-in-place) dropped off a bunch of crafting materials, including: unwanted/broken jewelry and empty wine bottles, at my front door. It… Continue reading Project Jewelry Day 1


Lazy Environmentalist: Shame, Guilt and Blah

I have been feeling guilty lately…no not lately. Lately is the lie. I’ve felt this guilt for some years now, about my inadequacies as a mother, my importance as a human being, and as an environmentalist. When my children were younger I put more emphasis on cooking, cleaning, making, doing, and giving.  In fact, cleaning… Continue reading Lazy Environmentalist: Shame, Guilt and Blah


It isn’t in me

Some years back I realized I wasn’t the type of crafty mom I wanted to be. I have always envied Martha Stewart mini-mes. It isn’t that I don’t have the creative mind to come up with ideas for beautiful innovative things to make. In fact, I am a very creative person. It is more like… Continue reading It isn’t in me


Refurbish: A collection of New Beginnings

To refurbish is to make clean, to make new or like new again. It embraces the act of taking what is or was and giving it a new life, a new look, a new use. cactus flower A material object is often the subject of refurbishing. For example, a broken chair on the curbside is… Continue reading Refurbish: A collection of New Beginnings