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Commitment issues

If you ask me for my favorite color, breakfast, food, movie, book, author, season, song, number, place, person, and so on you might be frustrated with my answer. I don't have a favorite and even if I do it is only for a short amount of time. I like to dabble in everything, try it… Continue reading Commitment issues


A Handful of Ceramic and Glass

Earlier last month I came across some thrifty finds that left me with a bounty of ceramic and glass tile as well as broken jewelry. I've spent the beginning of this month working on putting it together. It has put my mind at easy and my posture in particularly painful positions.


Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches for My Kid

It isn't fair to the lactose intolerant person to watch everyone else eat ice cream. This was the thought that crossed my mind this summer in search for a tasty ice cream dairy alternative for my lactose intolerant daughter. We tried a few different dairy treats, but the ones from So Delicious became my favorite.… Continue reading Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches for My Kid


Decluttering My Room and My Mind

Right now I am decluttering my bedroom. Earlier this year, during the beginning of the Covid lockdown I made a deal with myself to return to my love of creating mosaics in addition to other arts. So, I set up a table in the middle of my bedroom. This would help me remember to work… Continue reading Decluttering My Room and My Mind


Happy Birthday!

Because I can still hear the way you use to giggle every time you opened up your notebook and found one of my "weird sayings" in is another one. When you give a man an inch and he runs across the floor like a horse from a cowboy, don't worry if he still feels… Continue reading Happy Birthday!


Blogging Like A Virgin: From An Old Blog…Almost Too Embarrassed to Post this

I once was a wanna be writer. I had ideas. I had a way with words. Technology helped with spelling. I am a terrible speller. If you gave me a topic I could come up with something to write. Was it because I was young and young people tend to have a better imagination? Was… Continue reading Blogging Like A Virgin: From An Old Blog…Almost Too Embarrassed to Post this


Relinquishing Pain With Mosaics

I bought this 3 tier corner decor shelf years ago. The broken dish pieces came from a woman on Facebook who gave them to me for free when I posted a want for mosaics on one of those begs and barter and sale groups on Facebook. I bought the grout years ago as well. The… Continue reading Relinquishing Pain With Mosaics