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Baby Blankets

I began to crotchet when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, a little more than 18 years ago. My first serious project was a baby blanket of a light pink color. I hadn’t learned to finish a project or how to tighten my stitches. The end result was a very loose and large holed blanket but it was soft and it was my first success of a continued single stitch. I was proud of it. It took me a few days or more to finish it but I did it. On the day that I finished the blanket, I draped the soft yarn project over my toddler and I took pictures. Through the blanket you could see her toothless smile and her little fingers reaching through the holes. Thinking about it makes me smile every time. I continued to crotchet for a long time after that. My stitching technique improved and I learned tips and tricks to make my crotchet project look better, until one day I decided to make a blanket for my queen size bed. About 1/3 of way through my back and eyes and hands just needed a break from it all. So, I took a break, a long break…too long.

Today I picked up a crotchet needle and some yarn. I watched a beginners YouTube video as a refresher and realized that even though my mind was a little fuzzy about the steps of creating a chain and stitch technique my hands never forgot. I was pleasantly surprised to see what I could still do with a hook and old cheap yarn in about 30 minutes or less.

Tommorow, I’ll pick a nicer yarn and make an attempt at a pot holders.


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