Decluttering My Room and My Mind

Right now I am decluttering my bedroom. Earlier this year, during the beginning of the Covid lockdown I made a deal with myself to return to my love of creating mosaics in addition to other arts. So, I set up a table in the middle of my bedroom. This would help me remember to work on my mosaics a little art here and there everyday.

I spread out my mosaic materials and projects across the table. I bought storage containers to keep things organized. When tile was drying on one project I would work on a second one and so on.

In the beginning my idea worked. I spent hours in my room creating pieces. The space in the room to move about was limited and the lighting was poor, but I dealt with it.

At the beginning of June a big project came along. my kitchen makeover. It was time. My kitchen was falling apart and the 1975 countertops were worked and causing the leaks all around the sink. This project became priority. Uunfortunately it absorbed up my time and energy. I was too spent to do much art or mosaic or even posting online. In the process of my kitchen makeover my art table became a multitude of “when I’m done remodeling the kitchen I’ll work on this” ideas. The ideas (pieces of wood, glass tile, paint, frames, etc) began to pile up on the table and then onto my furniture, floor and on some days even onto the edge of my bed. This is no way to rest at night. Eventually I began to avoid my room.

So, today I am declutterimg the whole damn room and I’m moving all of my art and mosaic stuff into my office. My plan is to build two to three shelves above my desk so that I can place the tile on one shelf, the adhesives, paints and sealants on another shelf and finally future project ideas on the third shelf. My desk will be reserved only for the current projects.

The lighting is much better in my office and I have better access to everything else I need to do around my house. If it wasn’t so hot in the summer where I live I would move everything into my garage and work in there. Maybe in the winter.


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