Refurbish: A collection of New Beginnings

To refurbish is to make clean, to make new or like new again. It embraces the act of taking what is or was and giving it a new life, a new look, a new use.

cactus flower

A material object is often the subject of refurbishing. For example, a broken chair on the curbside is picked up by a neighbor, cleaned up, glued, screwed, painted, and then finally reupholstered. This neighbor can choose to keep this newly refurbished chair in her home or she can sell or donate it to someone else that would make good use of it. It is not wasted. It is given a new life, another chance to be of use.

It seems lately a lot of what exists these days, our ideas, our way of living, the food we grow, and what we create to consume is just wasted/thrown away…

My goal is to make a collection of new beginnings.


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